In fact, it’s not so simple to answer a popular question: “Who is the killer in Scream” as the issue has the second bottom arguments and meaning. Twenty minutes before the end, we find out, that two boys: Billy Loomis and Stu Macher are responsible for a cruel stabbing massacre within the city of Woodsboro in California. Two partners in crime confess their involvement in the slaughter of Maureen Prescott and their own schoolmates. At the same time, even those, who have re-watched Scream movie once and once again can hardly answer, who is the killer in Scream movie in each particular scene of a crime. Who exactly, Billy or Stu, has performed each killing.

Who was the killer in Scream 1 (1996)

Who was the killer in Scream. List of Scream deaths

Billy Loomis and Stu Macher kill six people. Five deaths are depicted in a movie and the murder of Maureen Prescott is a matter of news and dialogues. We see three global assaults on Sidney. One serious attack on Dewey, who is stabbed in his back. One assault on Gale Weathers. The plot gives us two attacks on Randy. First, he is injured by Stu and then shot by Billy. Billy and Stu also tend to kill Neal Prescott, Sidney’s father, who manages to survive because of his daughter. Scream movie ends with another two murders. Sidney Prescott kills Stu with a TV set and Billy Loomis with a gunshot.


Maureen Prescott

We have no doubt that both Billy Loomis and Stu Macher took part in this murder that had been put into cruel practice a year before the main plot events. Police did not consider more than a one-person as a murderer of Maureen Prescott. Billy Loomis, with no doubt, was the inspirator and the brains behind the crime succeeded in finding accomplices in his schoolfellow. Loomis was a driving force and initiator of that level of cruelty that was announced within the news. Billy Loomis hated Maureen Prescott, who had destroyed his family (as a boy and his mother considered) and he for certain has experienced a sadistic pleasure of the process. As Scream movie states, Maureen Prescott was raped and stabbed, and her body was left not far from the main square of the city of Woodsboro. It should be emphasized that both Billy and Stu Macher were 16 years old at that time, while we consider the issue of who was the killer in Scream. 

Maureen Prescott murderers



Casey Becker and Steve Orth

We have strong obvious evidence that both Billy and Stu have participated in this slaughter on the skirts of Woodsboro. 

After a year had passed since the murder of Maureen Prescott, it was likely that both young men had the will to continue “shooting” their own criminal movie as partners in crime.

On the next day after the murder, Stu Macher openly speaks ironically to the fact of his well-known relations with Casey Becker, which lasted two seconds. As a choosy girl has shifted a weird Macher for a school football star Orth, Stu now has a strong psychopathic motive to butcher his former girlfriend. More likely it was Stu suggesting to choose this specific evening and to slaughter both lovers: Casey and Steve Orth. The very first crime, a murder of Maureen Prescott, was initiated and inspired by Billy Loomis and the second settling of scores has become a tribute to offend and humiliated Stu.

Among the two, it is Billy who demonstrates deep knowledge in movies all times during the “Scream” events. Sure enough, Billy Loomis was the “Voice”, the one speaking on the phone with Casey Becker, initiating a cruel game, a deadly guessing game. Even if the “Voice” and the “Ghost” were separated within the murder, Billy did have to be at the place and observe the house, Casey’s movements and to coordinate the guessing game with life and death of Steve Orth. The day after Billy does not object his “walking” on the evening of the murder. Although Woodsboro Police failed to find proving evidence of his implication into the homicide, Billy definitely had time and scope to be at the Becker’s house that night. Billy has performed the role of the “Voice” to avoid the possibility that Casey Becker can recognize her ex-boyfriend on the phone.

We can assume that it was Billy Loomis who has committed this act of crime due to the conversation on the next day. While friends spending their time on the fountain, Billy pointedly tells his fellow Stu, that nobody claims Macher to be a murderer. “Thank’s body” and the filthy look of both guys can easily mix the judgment and it was all but certain screenwriter and director tended to achieve. It is more likely that Stu Macher meant the partnership and Billy as the brain center of the events. Even if it was Macher who had chosen his ex-girlfriend as a target.

Although the “Ghost” was played by a professional stunt, the scene of slow-mo pursuit next to the Becker’s house and the very stabbing of Casey reveals a man of high stature and thereafter Stu Macher to be the one, who does the “dirty job” with the knife.

Even though Tatum Riley tells that she and Stu had spent the night before together, this claim does not stand with facts, critics and common sense. Randy Meeks unconsciously destroys this version with an unsuitable joke about the anatomic details of the slaughter. Billy and Stu have previously foreseen the fact that Macher would become the main suspect as the ex-boyfriend of Casey Becker and they would need to ensure an alibi. On the other hand, the telephone company, in fact, has the exact time of the call and Macher’s alibi and Tatum’s certainly could be easily demolished by the police. In a scene when Casey manages to take the mask of the murderer off, the movie openly hints at us that the girl recognizes the face. As Stu Macher had been her ex-boyfriend, Casey also had to know Billy Loomis, his fellow and a boy from the same school as she is.  The main argument for Stu Macher as the killer is the words of Kevin Williamson, a screenwriter who has once confirmed that it was Stu who did stab Casey.

Casey Becker and Steve Orth. Who is the killer in scream



Assassination attempt on Sidney Prescott

Despite the general statement that this act of violence was nothing more than a show, two partners in crime have reached their long-play goals. Billy intentionally drops his telephone and initiates, in this respect, a chain of events dealing with the Woodsboro police, which finally grants him an alibi and preventive image of a person who has been accused by an accident and who in fact is innocent. Billy Loomis tented to make nice with Sidney to have sex with her and to continue preparations for the future blood-bath within the Woodsboro.

Although the horror movies generally create suspense and a sense of mystic abilities of the antagonist, it’s unlikely for Billy to get down the stairs without a terrible jumping noise, to hide his black clothing, to cliff over the second-floor window without even having a short breath after struggling and chasing Sidney. We can have no doubt that it was Stu Macher who has acted as a performer. In addition, even considering the fact, the “Ghost” was acted by a stunt, we see dark pants under the cloth. A few minutes later, police officers escort Billy Loomis and it’s obvious that he wears bright blue jeans. It’s of course not the matter of keen interest of the filming crew, but this little detail worth attention.

While Stu Macher was tenting to make a farce with no real intention to harm Sidney, Billy Loomis, again, has acted as a voice on the phone. He is more cold-blood and patient than Stu and uses the stolen cell-phone of Neil Prescott. The Voice expresses aggression, when a conversation with Sidney deals with Maureen Prescott, as Billy Loomis hates Maureen and he has managed to kill this woman a year before the main plot events. More likely that Billy has handed a cell-phone to Stu on his way to Sidney’s window and then drops his own one, have nothing common with the murder’s calls.

Assassination attempt on Sidney Prescott. WHo is the killer in scream 1


Sidney Prescott is being attacked within the school WC

Scream movie raises the stakes of our involvement and suspense by hinting on another act of violence, supposedly brought into action by Billy Loomis. In fact, neither Billy nor Stu have participated in this scene. We see Sidney, who runs off Billy after unpleasant conversation and misunderstanding. She lefts Billy Loomis behind and rushes into the school toilet. She spends a moment near the mirror, hides from the girls and then goes back. It’s impossible for Billy to get into the WC before Sidney, considering the strict route to the premise.

Some can consider Stu Macher to be the performer, but it’s unlikely for him to find Sidney in the very WC, as he simply could not know if she goes there or not after a moment with Billy Loomis. Sidney, in fact, could choose a number of routes. A person with mask and cloth was already within the WC cabin when Sidney Prescott came into.  He seems to be a naughty pupil, who wanted to scare some girls. On the other hand, if this person has spent his time in a cabin, how could he know that Sidney Prescott was a girl behind the door to whisper her name. So this scene should be considered as another portion of tension, delicately given by a screenplay. On top of everything else, this attacker does not have a knife in his hand in a so-called assault on Sidney.

Sidney Prescott is being attacked within the school WC
Who is the killer in Scream 1 movie


Murder of Principal Himbry

Shortly before the scene with mister Himbry in his office, the movie gives us an image of Stu Macher, running back towards the Woodsboro school. It’s likely that this short detail has been added in order to intensify suspicion. In fact, Stu had a lot of things to do before the evening party and after approval from Sidney. Hardly that Stu decided to go back and to kill the principal in the meantime. As Stu was a murderer of Casey Becker and probably Steve Orth, it was time for Billy to take a more active part in the real-time movie, partners have planned. Billy Loomis was already within the school and have felt himself not in the best way after an argument, resembling the topic of both mothers: Mrs. Loomis and Maureen Prescott. An extremely painful conversation piece for unstable Billy. In this respect, the murder of Principal Himbry was probably a kind of slaughter improvisation. One can argue that Billy needed to have a knife, a costume, and a mask here away from the territory rather than within a locker.

Therewith, it was Stu Macher who made a call to his own house a few years after, to inform schoolmates that Principal Himbry had been murdered and hanged on the goalposts. In addition, Casey Becker was hanged on a tree. Yet, Billy Loomis could participate in the first on-screen murder and now just informed his partner in crime with the details about Himbry.

Murder of Principal Himbry. Billy Loomis




Screenwriter and Director give us a clear picture of the fact that Billy Loomis had enough time and plenty of pre-planned abilities to stab his best friend’s girlfriend. The most obvious detail that supposes this version deals with the free time of both partners, as Stu Macher was a host for the party and took center stage of the common audience’s attention. At the same time, he could make himself away to the toilet, kitchen and find any cause to leave the room. It was he who has asked Tatum Riley to visit the garage for a beer. If we assume that Billy took the job, Stu has already stood the thought of his girlfriend to be killed. The next plot hit is too obvious to be ignored. We should pay attention to the moment when Billy and Stu come across each other at the front door. Billy Loomis openly gives facial expressions like: ”Ok, the job is done” as a point of the common plan to manage a bloodbath this evening and Tatum was one of the victims. The murder of Tatum Riley should be a means of alibi for Stu and his potential version of the upcoming events and consequently Billy’s version as well.

Considering the previous paragraph, yet it was most likely Stu Macher who has stabbed his own girlfriend. The first strong argument deals with the killer’s migration within the house. We notice the murder near the inner garage door, so he had got in from the house and not from the outside. After the act of violence, the murderer goes into hiding the same way to the house. The Scream killer has to have an understanding of what is going on within the party, where are the guests and how to seek into the garage without being suspended. Billy Loomis had no idea of the situation and he would be likely noticed within the party, before or after the case with the clothing and the mask. A few minutes later we notice him outside. As there no doubt that Stu was the Ghost in the next scenes, it’s hard to believe that Billy has killed Tatum Riley and then hidden knife, clothing and mask in order Stu to find it. Even if the situation when Stu follows Tatum on her way to the garage seems strange and poor realistic, almost certainly Stu Macher was the killer of Tatum Riley.  When the plot comes to the moment of the reveal and Billy Loomis tells Sidney Prescott the truth, Stu hands on a knife in a funny gesticulation. It implicates the fact, that boys finally reach the main goal and, in addition, that it is now Billy’s turn to “deal” with his girlfriend, as Stu has already murder two of his: Casey Becker and Tatum Riley.

Who is the scream killer Tatum


Murder of Kenny

We deal with an undoubted fact that Stu Macher chased Sidney Prescott after a little planned scene with Billy and faked blood. Billy Loomis then spent the next minutes within the room waiting for the appropriate moment to take the situation to the final stage with Sidney and the revelation of the events. Stu was the one, who attempted to kill Randy Meeks (in fact, this only scene was performed by Skeet Ulrich and no by a stunt). Soon after Billy expresses his disappointment with the fact that Gale Weathers is still alive and not dead since Stu Macher had to deal with her before.

Kenny death



Assault on Dewey Riley 

We have the maximum probability that Stu has been acting as the Scream killer in these scenes of the Scream movie, chased Sidney, Gale near the house. Consequently, it was Stu Macher who stabbed Dewey into his back. It was the second fail to kill the person after Gale Weathers.

Assault on Dewey Riley


And finally, Sidney Prescott accomplishes another two murderers. She electrocutes Stu and shots Billy Loomis. 

Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Who was the killer in scream




One could argue that Mickey was the only killer in Scream 2, but this statement is obviously false and the participation of each partner in crime is not so obvious, which makes the process even more exciting. On the one hand, we can assume that Mrs. Loomis has only performed the role of a puppet master for Mickey and did nothing with any of the homicide directly. My more detailed and thorough version involves her into some of the assaults explicitly. So let’s try to find the answer who was the killer in Scream 2, scene by scene.


Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens

There could not be doubts that Mickey Altieri has acted as the Ghost within the opening scene. It may well be a kind of murder test for him to assure Mrs. Loomis in his readiness for action. Body constitution and the height of the killer strongly persuade in a man as the murderer. Both Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens have been stabbed by the same person, who took the bloodied coat and took the place of the Phil. At the very moment, when the murderer stabs Maureen, we notice the undisputed difference in height. We can also recognize Mickey to the murder process itself. The Scream 2 killer openly expresses a kind of evil ecstasy, stabbing a young girl to death. Mickey is a movie geek, who now delivers his sadistic vision and slaughters a person within the cinema with the “Stab” movie as the background. Mickey Altieri considers Billy Loomis and Stu Macher as the filmmakers and stars of the own film, which resulted in a horror in-movie story on the screen.

Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens cinema killing



Cici (Casey) Cooper

Mickey Altieri performs as the killer in this scene as he makes amateur filming of the victim from the bushes, which will be found later by Gale and Dewey. The killer broke the balcony window with Cici and then stabbed her twice and threw her still alive from the second floor. This moment of strength figures out a man to be to driving force under the mask. Casey Cooper was chosen as the victim broadly to her first name and Mrs. Loomis had no point to dirty hands with this minor intermediate victim, on her long-stand way to revenge. Loomis had a reliable partner and pupil who was ready to do the business. We again see dark pants under the Ghost clothing which misfits with the constrain dress-code of Mrs. Loomis as the fake reporter. In addition to her name, Cici Cooper has already confronted with Mickey within the scene in school and an issue dealing with Billy Loomis and Stu Macher.

Mrs. Lommis with no doubt had complete supervision over Mickey’s activity as the murderer and all but certainly has planned this particular murder. Another strong evidence of her direct involvement deals with the scene when the murderer gets into the house. Within this very moment, the Scream movie killer does not bear a cell-phone and a device to change the voice in his hands, but we hear the voice on the line. It is likely that Mrs. Loomis performed as the voice or they both did it. She was also the very first news reporter (fake) to be at the site of a murder, even before Gale.

Cici (Casey) Cooper. Who was the killerin scream 2



Assault on Sidney

The very concept of the scene refers us to the original Scream movie 1996. It was obviously added to implant doubts in minds with Derek as Sidney’s boyfriend and allusion to Billy Loomis. In this respect, assault attempt on Sidney Prescott is more likely a sophisticated movie trick, then an issue of strong dispute. General guess-work gives Mrs. Loomis the role of a killer due to some details. During the conversation with Gale, Debbie Salt notices something (or somewhat, Sidney in particular) and makes her fast way to the bushes. However, it’s unlikely that after a year of planning her revenge, after multiple abilities to kill Sidney Prescott in any moment, cold-blood Mrs. Loomis failed her plan in some impulse. In fact, Mrs. Loomis never acted as the Ghost face within the movie and she did not use the mask, clothing. In order to try to kill Sidney Prescott spontaneously, she had to take the stuff with herself which seems anecdotal.

When Derek Feldman tries to open the front door, the Ghost makes a one-hit hole in it as Mickey Altieri has done previously while murdering Phil Stevens within the toilet. We can also easily notice the blood on the knife’s blade, which belongs to Cici Cooper, killed recently by Mickey. Going deep down into the motive of this assault attempt, Mickey Altieri has granted himself with an alibi, after a discussion with the police. We should also pay attention to a dialogue between Mickey and Hallie, dealing with his innocence and then to a prompt talk with Sidney. Mickey makes his comment on the events and states casually that Derek should not play a hero and run into the house on his own. On this level, Mickey puts a grain of doubt into Sidney’s mind, but his facial expression and tone tell us that Derek was no to be killed at this stage anyway.

Assault on Sidney. Scream 2 killer


Assault on Sidney Prescott within the theater

This very scene refers to a similar one scene within a school toilet in Scream 1996. Psychological tension and the previous events caused this suspense moment with Sidney. Neither Mickey Altieri nor Mrs. Loomis has participated in this scene. After hysteric, Sidney notices that the man she classified as the assassin, is just a student.

Assault on Sidney Prescott within the theater


Murder of Randy

All flimsy arguments that Mrs. Loomis was the killer generally deal with her own words: ”Randy spoke poorly of Billy and I got a little knife happy”. In fact, the antagonist does not mean her own personal direct participation with a knife in her hand. She had no motivation and need to sit inside that van with clothing, mask, knife, and phone. She ordered her partner Mickey to punish Randy Meeks for the offensive words about Billy. In this respect, Mrs. Loomis was on the telephone line and had a notice about the issue. It’s a mystery how could she additionally communicate to Mickey, apart from cell-phone he used to talk to Randy. Gale and Dewey find a videotape of the murderer’s amateur movie, filmed by Mickey without any doubt. It includes the shots from the van and makes it clear Mickey Altieri was the killer. Within the process of stabbing Randy, the killer shows extreme strength, suppressing the victim. And finally, we can notice dark man pants and shoes of big size.

Murder of Randy Scream 2. Who is the killer



Library threaten 

Even considering the growing attention to Sidney Prescott even before the first murder and dozens of people present at the library, a threaten stated that Sidney would be killed the same day. And in fact, it would be the same day to end the story. This threatening letter was sent by someone who was inside the premise at the moment and who could have a view of Sidney and her PC number. It was too dangerous for Mickey Altieri to be this sender as he would be surely noticed both by Sidney Prescott and police detectives. Relatedly, Debbie Salt was unnoticeable and could have plenty of potential explanations to use the internet within the college library. As a fake reporter, she could ask to use the net to find some information or to make contact with the fake news. In fact, the very purpose of the scene deals with an idea, that Cotton Weary maybe Scream killer.

Library threaten to Sidney Prescott


Assault on Dewey and Gale

Mrs. Loomis has never acted as the murderer with mask and clothing, but she managed to plan and control each assault and murder. She was present and the front entrance of the building with her fake telephone call to the news office to have supervision over the situation and not to let Gale or Dewey get out, as she, in fact, did with Gale. In this respect, Mickey Altieri again was a driving force of the chase and he was the Ghost face who stabbed Dewey Riley in his back, after intense resistance. We notice man’s shoes and pants again. Some can argue that there were two killers in the moment when we see a killer inside the projection room and behind Gale Weathers (without the noise of movement) 20 seconds later. In fact, Scream 2 movie pays tribute to the cinematographic suspense and unrealistic superiority of the murderer.

Assault on Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers Scream 2 murderer



Murder of Haley and two detectives

We can hardly imagine Mrs. Loomis to break the glass with a hand, to jump on the car hood and manage so aggressive behavior. She could not stand with the fact that detectives planned to move Sidney Prescott from the college. Mickey had to deal with this situation, not to harm Sidney and make her way to the college in order for her to meet with Mrs. Loomis. Later, we could notice a blood strain on Mickey’s face, which he had previously suffered within the car crash. Haley was stabbed by Mickey Altieri a few minutes down the plot with another moment of almost mystical movement of the Ghost face. The killer is by head and shoulders above a tiny Haley.

Murder of Haley and two detectives

Mickey kills Derek with the gun to make Sidney suffer even more before the final act of the story.

Who is the killer in Scream 2

Finally, Cotton Weary and Sidney Prescott shot Mrs. Loomis. Gale Weathers and Sidney shot Mickey Altieri to the death.

Who was the killer in Scream 2. Mrs Loomis and Mickey




Scream 3 is the only movie within the Scream franchise with the only Scream 3 killer and no partners in crime. Roman Bridger, a stepbrother of Sidney, implements of a plan to make a revenge to Sidney. In his 27-s, Bridger stabbed eight people: Christine, Cotton Weary, Sarah Darling, Steven Stone, Tyson Fox, Angelina Tyler, Jennifer Jolie, and John Milton and blew up one (Tom Prinze). He also assaulted on Sidney, Gale Weathers, Dewey Riley, and detective Mark Kincaid. Within the final scene, Roman Bridger is shot to his head by Dewey.

Who was the killer in Scream 3.

killer in scream 3 - Roman Bridger


The plot basis of this sequel deals a lot with the original Scream movie and we, in fact, have two scream killers: Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker. Indeed, it’s once again not so easy to figure out who killed who in Scream 4.


Murder of Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper

We can boost our understanding of this crime by means of dividing it into four separate parts. Both Jill Roberts and Charlie Walker participated in this homicide, giving a strong reference to the very first movie, to Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. In this respect, Jill has become not only an encourager but the second performer.

A voice on the phone. Considering the intention of both partners in crime to create their own death-movie-on-live, it’s more likely that Charlie Walker performed the role of the voice within the scene. He suggests Jenny imagine her as a part of his own movie and the voice as the director. In this respect, Charlie Walker is in mad love with movies and Jill considers cinema only as of the fastest and most obvious way to gain fame and avowal.

The stabbing of Marnie Cooper. Much more likely that Charlie was the killer of Marnie. The girl was drag-out to the street and stabbed. Charlie played the role of a driving force and had to prove his loyalty and attachment to Jill Roberts and her plan.

Marnie threw through the window. The same argument with the man strength, which we have previously accounted for with Scream 2. Charlie Walker stabbed the girl and threw her body through the glass.

Murder of Jenny Randall. Jill Roberts more likely acted as the killer to kill Jenny within the garage. It was the second part of the plan for the slaughter, as a reference to Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. The Scream 4 killer drags a victim from the garage door and Jill could easily manage this process and then she stabbed her schoolmate.

Murder of Jenny Randall and Marnie Cooper Scream 4


Olivia Morris

There could be poor disputes on who was the killer of Olivia Morris. Jill Roberts can be easily observed at her home for the whole time of the assault and then make a show with the fake assault on her own life and an injury to probe a role of a victim, who survived.

Who is the killer in scream 4



Rebecca Walters

As the original theatrical version gives us a poor understanding of who is the performer of this particular murder, deleted scenes available on YouTube include more details. After being injured by the killer (Charlie), Jill Roberts is shown spending her time within the hospital. We see Trevor Sheldon, her ex-boyfriend, who comes to see Jill and says he is sorry about some unpleasant moments in the past. It’s unlikely for Jill to slip off the supervision of the nurses, care of her mother and Sidney, also present at the site. She could see Rebecca at the floor with Sidney, but in fact had no chance to perform the killing, except giving instructions to Charlie. It could become a bit of a challenge for her to take the mask, a knife and clothing secretly, then set the stuff back and return to the sickroom. More than a little obvious that Jill Roberts maintained internet contact with her partner Charlie Walker to coordinate the next homicide. Rebecca Walters were stabbed within the underground parking lounge, then carried out to the roof and thrown down. This process is a well-argued manner for Charlie, who was free of time to do the bloody job. In addition, we could not notice Charlie be a part of the public, while sheriff Dewey Riley gives an interview. It deals conflict with his constant necessity to broadcast important events of Woodsboro online.

Rebecca Walters: victim in scream 4



Detectives Hoss and Perkins

We have another common Scream movie example when none of the two murderers admits directly his performance of the killing process. Nevertheless, there are some strong arguments to consider Charlie as the killer of two detectives. The main claim deals with the dialogue between Charlie Walker and Jill within the plot climax. While Charlie hands on the gun to Jill, he says: ”Sure, those cops wanted you to have this, Jill, for your protection”. It was Charlie, who stabbed Hoss and Perkins, took one gun. Else wise, Jill had to give the gun to Charlie in order to take it back with a strange and inappropriate comment.  Charlie killed two detectives to clear the way for Jill to kill her own mother and perform a relocation to the final action scene. Charlie Walker stabbed Hoss and Perkins, moved their police car two blocks away, took the gun and went back to the Stab party, while Jill was copying the original Scream story and killing a mother.

Detectives Hoss and Perkins. Scream 4 murderer


Kate Roberts

The second most obvious murder of the Scream 4 movie, as Jill Roberts openly admits that she has stabbed her own mother to gain her goal of being a spotlight. The girl does not need friends or relatives and seeks for fans.

Kate Roberts


Assault on Gale

The most obvious argument deals with the moment, when Jill Roberts shows Dewey Riley the exact body region, where she and Gale Weathers have been stabbed before. None but the murderer, who stabbed Gale, could now the details. We can assume that Charlie Walker had a chance to share details with Jill, but this variant is hard to swallow. In addition, the killer does not act as aggressive as Charlie usually does.

Assault on Gale Weathers Scream 4. Who is the killer in scream 4



Robbie Mercer

We see Sidney Prescott and Jill, who go open air and see Robbie bleeding, a few moments after he was stabbed by Charlie. Within the climax, Charlie tells Jill that he has excellent footage of how he stabbed his friend Robbie. In addition, Charlie Walker tends to ignore the stereotypes and cliches. So, he stabs his own friend even after revelations from Robbie being a homosexual.

Robbie Mercer


We clearly see Charlie Walker stabbing Kirby Reed. 

Trevor Sheldon is killed by Jill, his mad ex-girlfriend. 

Jill Roberts kills Charlie, her partner in crime.

Within the final scene, Sidney Prescott kills Jill Roberts with the electricity.

Scream 4 list of deaths. Who is the killer