Где снимали фильм Турист в Венеции

The ‘Tourist’ Venice locations

A detailed enthusiastic walking-and-water tour along with the main ‘Tourist’ Venice movie locations. Famous Venice sites, where the ‘Tourist’ movie was filmed in 2010.

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Casino Royale: Venice locations

Enthusiastic movie walking tour along the ‘Casino Royale’ filming locations in Venice for your personal travel with photos, map, history of the historical sites.

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Indiana Jones Venice movie locations

Indiana Jones Venice filming locations

An enthusiastic walking tour along the main «Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade» filming locations in Venice, Italy. Indy and Marcus arrive in Venice, Hotel Danieli, Barnaba Church, and square.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger munchen

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Munich 1966-1968

A walking route along the center of Munich, covering the sites associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger and two years of his life within Munich back in 1966-1968. An apartment, Universum, Gym, walking on the streets.

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Before sunrise movie locations in vienna

Before Sunrise movie locations in Vienna

All 20 movie locations from the famous romance movie Before sunrise» (1995) by Richard linklater, which Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julia Delpy) visited in Vienna city

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Arnold Schwarzenegger House Austria

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum and Hometown

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Thal, Austria is a place of great motivation, connected with Arnold. I’ve visited it in September 2017

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Chernobyl Today and Pripyat city Ukraine

Chernobyl Zone & Pripyat 2017

KPP DYTYATKY Main checkpoint to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for tourists, which defines the 30-km Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Zone of Alienation. Informational boards in […]

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Scream who is the killer

Who is the killer in Scream

I would try to answer the question of who was the killer in Scream 1-4 movies, with a detailed analysis scene by scene, Ghost face by Ghost face.

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Pirates of Silicon Valley movie

Pirates of Silicon Valley: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

Pirates of Silicon Valley has become famous as the Steve jobs and bill gates movie, which tells the story of two profound visionaries of the digital era.

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Tom Ford Nocturnal animals Tony and Susan

Tony and Susan / Nocturnal animals

«Tony and Susan» book and «Nocturnal animals» movie by Tom Ford are both the exceptional piece of Art with strong emotional involvement.

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Best movies about Slavery and Racism

Best movies about Slavery and Racism

The best movies about the Slavery, racial segregation and Racism in United States ever made, among the dozens of existing ones

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The Reader book Bernhard Schlink

The Reader: Hanna Schmitz and Michael Berg

An emotional book was written by Bernhard Schlink and almost a perfect movie adaptation highlight the burning after-war issues

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The Road book and movie

‘The Road’ by Cormac Mccarthy

Maybe the most prominent post apocalyptic book and movie — The Road by Cormac McCarthy and its 2009 movie adaptation

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Top movies of 2017

Best movies of 2017

My personal top-7 of the best movies of 2017 released of all genres, based on more than 150 movie premieres this year

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Фильм о захвате заложников

Hostage negotiation movies

HOSTAGE MOVIES and, in particular, HOSTAGE NEGOTIATION MOVIES premiere every year but only some of the many become famous and iconic. I’ve decided to emphasize those […]

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Книга и фильма Свет в океане The Lighht Between oceans

Light Between Oceans and Janus Rock

Significant Romance and Drama book «The Light Between Oceans» by M.L. Stedman describes love and betrail on solitude Janus Rock island

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Andy Weir the martian book and movie

Mark Watney and the Martian

Famous and important science fiction book «The Martian» by Andy Weir about surviving on Mars and «The Martian» movie by Ridley Scott

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Donnie Brasco: My undercover life in the Mafia

Joe Pistone «Donnie Brasco» book

Book by former FBI agent Joseph Pistone about his undercover live within american mafia in New York as Donni Brasco

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Who was the killer in Basic insticnt

Basic Instinct — Who was the killer

Let’s try to analyze all the facts, hints and clues to answer frequent question «Who was the killer in Basic instinct» 1992

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