Before we deal with all sites, which Jesse and Celine have journeyed alongside Vienna, we should take into consideration that the actual route causes some differences with the movie order of sites and your own one should be planned to be more flexible. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) perform their smooth and relax walk from one point to another, when the real distance may size quite a long footpath or even a number of transport stops. Journey to the Fridhof der Namenlos (Cemetery of the Unknown) will take you 2-3 hours to complete, by means of the metro, then a bus and a walk through the industrial estate next to the bank of Danube.

After paying attention to the map of Vienna, you will probably build your own journey along with the Before sunrise movie sites without a strict plot order and save time and stamina. It is also turned out to be wise to ignore the day-and-night schedule, while we see the perspective of the majority of the sites after sunset. Vienna is a marvelous and charming city. Although Richard Linklater (Director) has distanced his characters from the crowds of tourists in the very heart of the city, Before Sunrise Vienna route gives a variety of extremely positive emotions and impressions as a gorgeous addition to the movie itself.

Within this article I will follow the strict order of the Before sunrise movie sites in Vienna, the same have been depicted in a movie by Richard Linklater. I’ve visited all 20 sites and have created the complete map with all markings to motivate you to travel, to be crazy about movies and your personal interests to make life world-class.



Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), the main characters of the “Before sunrise” movie decide to continue unexpectedly involving conversation outside the train, which has come from Budapest to Vienna. They arrive at platform № 7 and walk alongside it in the direction of the train station’s main building. A young couple goes on with the chat and finally get one’s other names – Jesse and Celine.

The Westbahnhof Railway Station and the railway platforms, in particular, have been modernized for the past twenty-three years. As the world now inconceivable without mobile phones and the internet, we do not see the signs of the telephone set on the columns. Modern Westbahnhof equips its platforms with the glass partitions and presents dozens of shops, cafes inside the main building. Nevertheless, we still can feel the Before sunrise movie atmosphere on the fingertips and Westbahnhof is the perfect place to start a day-long walk in Vienna.




The first walk point, which Jesse and Celine visit just after the Westbahnhof is presented as a tiny green bridge over the river and the metro line, called Zollamtbruke bridge. The movie plays with us and the last shot of the train station gives place to the metro train beneath the characters. Our couple gets acquainted with two local amateur actors, who invite Jesse and Celine to visit some unprofessional theatre in Vienna the same evening.

The real distance between the Westbahnhof Railway Station and the Zollamtbruke bridge is about 4 km and an hour of walk. For this reason, a smooth interchange of perspectives between the railway and metro line is just a pleasant movie illusion, made by Richard Linklater. You will need to use the metro from the Westbahnhof station, using the same orange metro line (U3) and come off the Landstrasse (Wien Mitte) station. The bridge is just a few hundred meters nearby. The building of Universität für Angewandte Kunst (University of Arts and Crafts) on the background of the movie camera angle has remained the same front side architecture for the last twenty-three years as well as two columns of the Zollamtbrucke itself. The bridge is quite short and reaches just 20 meters.




Jesse and Celine take the famous Vienna red tram, occupy the back spot and continue their conversation as well as they are and are getting to know about the city. The camera perspective presents picturesque panoramas of Vienna with a warm May weather.

The tram stop depicted in ‘’Before sunrise’’ movie is located at Universitätsring 1A address within an important transport junction just next to the Schottentor metro station. We can observe a gorgeous Votivkirche (Votive Church). It will take you half an hour to get here from the Zollamtbruke bridge on foot. Jesse and Celine take the tram, which then follows the inner center ring of streets, Vienna Ring.

UNIVERSITATSRING 1A Vienna before sunrise movie locations



After the tram ride out young beautiful couple visits the “ALT & NEU” Before sunrise record store. They pay attention to old records and wonder about the wide collection of music. Then, they move to a small room to listen to the chosen compositions for free. Jesse and Celine feel a kind of closeness and upcoming romance to each other.

ALT & NEU music shop is located on Windmühlgasse 10, near the very center of Vienna and in fact close to the tram line. A cozy homy street and the music shop sit side by side with an antique trade. The working hours start at 1 pm. and I’ve found it close, satisfying the famous ALT & NEU sign from the Before Sunrise movie and have made a few shots through the glass.

ALT & NEU MUSIC SHOP before sunrise recording store



We satisfy a sequence of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), walking Vienna with a marvelous Maria Theresien Platz and the statue of Maria Theresia on the background. Then Before Sunrise gratifies us with short and close perspectives of the monuments and statues within the square.

A walk from ART & NEU music shop will take from 5 to 10 minutes. It’s remarkable that both museums: Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Fine Arts) and Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum) looks pretty the same and located just in front of each other. We can still easily determine the right perspective of the Before sunrise movie with the help of the Maria Theresia statue.

MARIA THERESIEN PLATZ square Jesse and Celin. Vienna locations



Before Sunrise characters take a tram again and then take a metro to reach another Vienna site, not so famous. Celine describes the site as a quiet place which makes a strong impression. Vienna officials have chosen the spot to bury unknown bodies, washed on the bank of the Danube.

Friedhof der Namenlosen is the most distanced Before sunrise movie location. A way there will demand a little bit more than just a metro ride.

  • Take a metro to the Enkplatz station
  • Take away to the right side to reach a crossroad just a hundred meters far.
  • Find a ‘’76 A-B” bus stop on the opposite side of the crossroad. It runs approximately every 20 minutes due to a strict schedule. A and B variants of the 76 bus have a different final destination, but you will take off at the last stop anyway.
  • If the last bus stop is Alberner, you will need to use GPS and to walk 20 minutes to reach Albernen Hafnen bus station.
  • If the bus destination is Albernen Hafnen already (best variant), we are almost at the place. Austrian industrial estate makes an extremely positive impression and the next 10 minutes to the cemetery will make your day. The only road will take you to the Friedhof Der Namenlosen.


‘Cemetery of the Unknown’ is, in fact, a secluded and isolated site with some rare tourists, usually out of interest or bravery, even among those who are willing to visit Before Sunrise Vienna movie locations. The cemetery is only about 15*15 meters with two benches and a small building, now filled with equipment. Graves and trees decorated with old stuffed animal toys which may be considered creepy, especially in the evening.




After a “journey” to the cemetery, Jesse and Celine ride to the famous Vienna park with an amusement area. Young couple enjoys magnificent panoramas of Vienna on the sunset from the cabin of the Wiener Riesenrad Ferris Wheel. The first kiss between two beloved hearts and a walk along the park.

The site is accessible by means of a metro. Praterstern station is located just in front of the park itself, which impresses with the size and scale of entertainment. One circle will cost 10 euros and takes 10-15 minutes to enjoy a view of the city. The cabin remained pretty the same, as depicted in Before sunrise with the same gorgeous viewpoint.




Jesse and Celine decide to take time in a small street café in Vienna. They soon notice a palm-reader old lady, who does not lose a chance to make some prophecies and earn tips for the general information, which every girl wants to hear.

Kleines Café is close to the very heart of Vienna and only five minutes’ reach from the StephanPlatz metro station and from Stephansdom. The tiny uncrowded square next to overpopulated main streets. The cafeteria is still in the place with the same front side and chairs on the square and has changed slightly since 1994. The only difference connected with a church nearby and its reconstruction works, which have blocked a part of a square.

CLEINES CAFE vienna before sunrise vienna



Characters of the Before sunrise movie enter Maria am Gestade church and found themselves to be the only visitors at that moment of the evening. The calm atmosphere and an opportunity to maintain the conversation. The gorgeous interior fits well with the general impression of walking Vienna streets.

The church is architecturally squeezed between the near located buildings and it takes 15 minutes to get here from the Kleines café. We can enjoy the very same low perspective of the stone stairs. It is not an exit from the metro, but only a way to surpass the difference of height between two streets.




Jesse and Celine enjoy their walking tour through Vienna and reach the Danube promenade. Some young man turned out to be an amateur Before sunrise poet, volunteers to create a short poem, devoted to this couple. This movie scene is positively famous for the “Milkshake” poem in Before sunrise, awarded with some tips.

Stone river walk area of the Danube extends for kilometers with early morning runners and bicycle riders. You can find dozens of stairs very similar to those depicted in Before sunrise. The very movie location, therefore, is easy to be found because of the building in the background of the scene. A café which remained pretty the same since May 1994.

before sunrise poem and poet vienna



Our Before sunrise lovebirds find some grotesque club, painted with graffiti and a scene where amateur musicians can show themselves in front of a small audience. Jesse and Celine struggle in a pinball game, discussing former geek relations.

Arena Club is altogether the same as shown in Before sunrise with much more graffiti’s outside and inside. The site is the second far movie location after the Friedhof der Namenlosen on a 5 km distance from the center of Vienna and a site where the characters meet a poet. The nearest metro station called Erdberg and it will take you 15 minutes on foot to reach the Arena club complex. A number of buildings within the same graffiti style, scenes and black geeks with dreads. And unfortunately any pinball machines.




A kind of slow melodious walk of Jesse and Celine along narrow cranking street, covered with the block stones, finishes with a perspective of a couple going down the street. This street is rather far from the Arena Club and located in the center of Vienna with Shottentor as the nearest metro station. Block stone street is squeezed between buildings on the other side of the Vienna University with a former Beethoven house, where a famous compositor used to live in Vienna (now building includes a museum of Beethoven). Few sectors of a street form a 100-meter walking route.




Before sunrise movie follows the illusion of one linear route. Jesse and Celine change one street with stone blocks to another one and reveal a woman who performs a belly-dance next to the corner.  Celine (Julie Delpy) comments the show as some ancient ritual called “A dance of birth”.

And again, this movie location, in fact, is far from the previous one. You will need to use the metro for two stations and find a way behind the Volkstheater. The very site of movie dance remained the same with a door, stone blocks, and plants. When Jesse and Celine continue their way, a couple finds a place to seat within the famous Spittelberg area. The first years of the XX centuries witnessed a place for prostitutes to work here.

STREET DANCE OF BIRTH before sunrise vienna



Jesse and Celine attend café Sperl Vienna and find a cute place at one of the tables with sofas. Lovebirds imitate a telephone call to France and the USA to the best friends. They express their emotions and mutual attitude in such away.

Sperl café stations oneself within a busy intersection of roads a little bit aside from the center of Vienna, but still at a close range to the location of “A birth dance”). Tables are the same as well as golden sofas. We can even determine the very table, being third from the bar counter.

SPERL CAFÉ – PHONE SCENE cafe sperl vienna before sunrise



Our protagonists spend time on the stone balcony balustrade of Albertina with a viewpoint to the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera). This gorgeous place in the very heart of Vienna is not generally overcrowded, so you can easily take photos of the balcony of Albertina without tourists within a frame. Jesse and Celine relax ten meters from the Albrecht statue – another among the Before sunrise locations that will be seen close to the end.

ALBERTINA BALCONY before sunrise movie sites



Café within a boat, moored to a pier of the Danube, located a far distance from the Albertina Gallery, but a five minutes’ walk from a site to meet a poet. Jesse and Celine imitated another conversation to soften an upcoming moment of saying goodbye.

The boat is still in the same place near the pier and we can determine the location by means of the buildings and a bridge in the background. The boat is now abandoned, covered with graffiti and garbage and of course without any café on board. The entrance is blocked with metal bars.

BOAT CAFÉ ON THE DANUBE Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy



Our beloved couple finds a nightclub in an underground premise with red style and lights of the same color. Jesse succeeds in finding a bottle of wine for the night to maintain the best day and evening in his life.

Roxy club is close to the Karlsplatz metro station, but away distance from the Danube bank and boat café. It’s closed within day hours so I have to satisfy the front side and famous red sign, depicted in Before Sunrise movie.




Movie location with finalizes that day of walking Vienna in May 1994 for Jesse and Celine with a bottle of wine and an unrevealed scene of intimacy within a secluded park.

Schwarzenberg park is now closed for tourists as well as the palace itself, being private property. Meanwhile, a majority of movie fans satisfied with the parking site, having, in fact, no connection with Before sunrise actual location, I’ve found a spot to take photos of the park 20 meters from an actual site of Jesse and Celine relax.

SCHWARZENBERG PARK before sunrise richard linklater



In the early morning, our couple of Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy walks along the streets of Vienna and take a stop next to a window on one of the buildings. They are charmed with a melody of clavecin, performed by a man within a beautiful interior.

This site among the Before sunrise movie locations is 15 minutes distanced from the Schwarzenberg park. A window with the same metal bars remained the same with a children’s play yard on the background.

CLAVECIN MELODY before sunrise vienna locations



Jesse and Celine enjoy time at the foot of the Albrecht statue and have to count minutes to say goodbye.

Our characters, in fact, have found their way back to the Albertina gallery. You can spend your time beneath the statue without crowds of the tourist even on noon.




Jesse and Celine feel terrible in a need to say goodbye to each other as they have spent the best day in their lives. They make an agreement to meet the same spot in six months, without interchanging of contacts. Then a character of Ethan Hawke leaves the platform and dips into the main building of the Westbahnhof (the starting point movie location). The main building remained the same but has been modernized since 1994.

SAYING GOODBYE AT THE WESTBAHNHOF before sunrise movie locations

Also, I want to share my personal BEFORE/AFTER video journey to the ‘BEFORE SUNRISE’ VIENNA LOCATIONS.