This year of 2017 was the most fruitful of all my years dealing with movies and new movie premieres in cinema. I’ve visited 151 new movies released for the last twelve months. This movie year was creatively generous for good movies of all genres and my Top 2017 movies resemblance this tendency. We have got both stunning and disappointing blockbusters. A couple of amazing touching drama stories and a number of book adaptations. This rating does not include “La-La Land” as it is considered as a 2016 movie. I’ve watched twice every of this 2017 premiere in a list.

Best movies of 2017 - top movies realeased so far



Every new movie by Christopher Nolan is a piece of movie art (as to David Fincher and Denis Villeneuve) and a great yearly event. Director has already proven that he can make significant projects in such genres as detective, thriller and, of course, science-fiction. Now he points our attention to a war drama called Dunkirk. It is now to be one of the most distinguished and uncommon stories of the Second World War in movie history and of the best movies of 2017. Nolan’s indirect storytelling in Dunkirk depicts a few days on the coast of France from different perspectives. Amazing visionary and sound in IMAX – second-best performance of the year 2017 after ‘Blade Runner 2049’. The disturbing soundtrack, which causes a feeling of inconvenience and anxiety. In addition, we do not see a story plot in a general sense and only allusions on German forces as an enemy. Dunkirk is definitely the best war drama of 2017 and it gives a strong feeling that Cristopher Nolan has made something is ahead of time, again.

Dunkirk 2017 top movies of the year best war drama by Cristopher Nolan



As we have figured out this year, the mask of Captain America hides a sophisticated young drama actor and his name is Chris Evans. A touching story of an indigo child with an extraordinarily brilliant mind, in particular dealing with math. One would think – everyday plot on custodial care and an issue: what is best for a child, charms, and touch from the very first scenes. Chris Evans and young actress Mckenna Grace forms amazing movie duet. It is amazing to watch how this little girl can perform her role heartfelt. You can easily believe this story of relations of a child with the world of adults as if it is a sophisticatedly performed documentary. The line of your emotions will not pulse extremely but it is gradually positive. ‘Gifted’ is the best family melodrama of 2017.

Gifted vest melodrama of 2017 released



It was difficult to believe that a movie about superheroic characters, who brutally kills people with claws and bless out will become one of the most emotional movies of 2017. Marvel visionaries depict a strongly pessimistic future for their X-Men characters, who have become vulnerable and old. ‘LOGAN’ is now a limousine driver, who is constantly drunk and have to take care of an old Professor X, who loses his brilliant mind as a cause of age-related degeneracy. Logan is an antipode to generally bright glaring superhero blockbusters of Marvel and DC as well. We have a two-hour road movie within the rural US instead of glamorous New-York and Los-Angeles. Hugh Jackman performs his best emotionally and physically, as he in great shape in his 48. Logan is a kind of movie you want to re-watch over and over as a swan song to the whole X-Men generation.

Marvel Logan movie 2017 best movies


4 – War of the Planet of the Apes

Andy Serkis has changed modern movie history once for all with his share to Motion-Capture technology. And if Gollum was rather than a source of jokes and memos, Cesar ape has now become thrilling dramatic character. It sounds extraordinary, but you easily deeps into a story of a long trip and survival of digital Apes. Andy Serkis performs a wide variety of emotions and you start to believe in these fictional characters and this post-apocalyptic surrounding. The world is now drawing in green and some military groups continue the war with intellectual Apes and with each other. In War of the Planet of the Apes, we satisfy touching dramatic story more than a story of war, which is just a background to the main events, performed by two battles.

War of the planet of the Apes best movies of 2017


3 – IT

Only a few weeks after an awful “Dark tower”, another book adaptation of Stephen King, previously read to rags, positively drives mad with emotions. The remake of “IT” simultaneously pays extreme attention to the 1990 TV series and tells a news updated story, which differs also from King’s novel. It takes us to the era of the 1980s with its authentic jokes, atmosphere, music, and clothing. Children from Derry turned to be vibrant live beings, who emotionally interact, reveal sarcasm and charisma. Pennywise is now shown as a real outcome of ultimate evil, who can frighten and, at the same time, attracts with every of his appearing in a frame. This movie is a creepy and even cliché screamer works here well enough for two hours. Just take amazingly performed opening scene with rain, yellow raincoat and Pennywise in drainage. IT is the best horror movie of 2017 which alludes to come back to its story more and more and one of the best Stephen King adaptations.

Stephen King IT 2017 book adaptation - best horro movies of 2017



This movie surprise was released close to the end of 2017 with poor space within cinema schedules. A piece of testosterone movie about brave men who are ready to sacrifice their lives in order to save people. “ONLY THE BRAVE” combines concepts of Mentor-Apprentice story, team spirit, and melodrama dealing with conflict of work and family. It performs the contrast opposition to blockbuster movies, which one can consider as a boring story. “Only the brave” is one of the best drama stories of the last few years, well balanced and emotionally deep. The story depicts its characters with complete plot passion and you start to believe what you see. When they finally face the real danger, you literally squeeze oneself to cinema sitting. Amazing panoramas of Arizona with an atmosphere of rural United States. True events behind the plot intensify the emotional connection with a story. Only the brave is deserved a second-best movie of 2017.

Only the brave best drama of 2017



Dealing with some critics opposite to adoring perception of new Denis Villeneuve’s movie, we have to remember, that the original Blade Runner (1982) has passed a long way to its modern cultural status. Villeneuve is a gradual constant visionary who gives us a brilliant movie every year (Sicario, Arrival). A stunning atmosphere of a new Blade Runner 2049 with its partially post-apocalyptic landscapes and realities, with its cold and rainy Los-Angeles and fogged abandoned Las-Vegas. Millions of people live within extremely overcrowded districts and find some satisfaction with sexually abusing holograms. Now Replicates live among the inhabitants of this pessimistic world within a kind of racist attitude. The majority of movie locations and sets were created not by means of CGI, but by visual artists and decorators (behind the scenes videos impress). Strong visionary style of Villeneuve and Roger Deakins creates a banquet of emotions and emphasize the atmosphere of Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk. The very core of a story, performed by Ryan Gosling is a noir detective with takes you deep into this world and its mysteries. Blade Runner 2049 is the most impressive IMAX premiere of 2017 with its visual and sound design. The best movie of 2017 leaves you with multiple questions on the story.

BLADE RUNNER 2049 best movie of 2017


Movies of 2017 – Worth mentioning

Best movies of 2017 - Worth mentioning